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--- Company Introduction English Speech Competition Tie xi Division Trials

June 22, 2017, the Northeast Network Business Association series of activities to introduce the speech contest and then upgrade, after the company's internal PK,
Another round of the game is about to open the curtain.
The competition for the enterprise to introduce the English speech contest Tie xi regional group trials, Each company will have a player to participate in the competition, the competition will be selected the highest scores of the top two players to participate in the Shenyang Network Chamber of Commerce organized by the English speech contest finals,It can be said this is a super master race.


The judges of the competition by the boss of their respective companies, and we also invited from the focus of technology Dr. Zhang Peng Gang as a special judge.
Before the game started, we first had a new and unique draw to determine the order of the players, and to make a public presentation of the audience.

Our first appearance of the players is from Shenyang Yi Bei te Photoelectric Co., Ltd. Chen Qi,She focused on the company's main products to explain the high-precision optoelectronic original types of products, Production and testing process,Let us experience the real high-precision products of the production process.

The second player is from the Friends of the YOUBANG wood industry in Shenyang Xia Xinpeng,He is an English speaking madman, in the Shenyang Network Chamber of Commerce held in the English speech contest won excellent results,Very good at communicating with English speakers,Today's game he has maintained a consistent style, to explain the Friends of Wood Main products, plant size, the company founder, product features and other content,Also with some professional video shows the installation of doors, to provide convenient and meticulous service.

The third player is from Shenyang New Densen  Trade Co., Ltd. Li Jun, her fluency in spoken English In the Shenyang network Chamber of Commerce held in the English speech contest won the title. She for everyone to focus on the advantages of their own companies and the advantages of cooperation suppliers,Let us understand that there are a lot of high-quality customers through Mao and the reasons recognized customers.

The fourth player is from Shenyang HEAD Technology Co., Ltd. foreign trade clerk Liu Ying. She is a pregnant mother, for the company's honor, she still insisted on preparing the game. The final PPT show and the content of the speech can be said that the wisdom of the entire Hyde team combined, Mainly introduced from the overall corporate culture, business performance, enterprise products, enterprise services in four areas,The judges and the audience feel the strength of this team lies in the speech that the content is very comprehensive compact on the player's performance and PPT production are affirmed.

The last player is from Shenyang YouDa's foreign trade clerk Wang Chen, she has just entered the AUO 3 months, the first time to participate in such a speech contest,

Her speech style is very calm and humorous, in the course of the speech she used some body language,To reflect the company's use of its products and is not used to differentiate the company brought its products,This approach is very novel and unique, give us intuitive experience.

After a very intense competition, The final qualifying two qualifiers are from Shenyang HEAD Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Ying and from Shenyang New Densen Trade Co., Ltd. Li Jun, They will represent the Tie xi group to participate in the Shenyang Network Chamber of Commerce organized by the introduction of English speech contest finals, Let us look forward to their more exciting performance.

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